Tarotscopes: February 2019

Tarotscopes: February 2019

February’s cards tell an interesting story as a whole that involves a battle between the divine and our own minds. The majority of the cards are swords (intellect) and Major Arcana (fate) so even if your sign is lucky enough to have some cups or wands in play, know that your thoughts are constantly creating your reality this month. Do not let self-doubt or worry prevent you from following the mission that’s been calling out from your heart. Stay connected to Love not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day - Love for your relationships, Love for the Universe, Love for humankind - these are your guiding stars. Essentially, as our overarching Bad Bitch Affirmation this month says, “Give a Shit.” That way your ship will always have an anchor.

And now, without further ado, here are your Holly Simple Tarot cards for February 2019:


Aquarius - Father of Swords

Fear not the chaos that surrounds you, dear water bearer - you are the eye of the storm. Last month, you shifted into a new timeline. An unexpected opportunity may have left you feeling excited, but a little out of sorts. Life took you in a different direction than your plans. This month, you’ll find that this new change of perspective offers fresh clarity. The Father of Swords swoops in to show you that you now have a higher perspective, dare I say the highest of perspectives as the Universe is direct streaming to your brain. There is a sense of higher purpose to your plans now and while it may feel uneasy, this path is much better paved than your previous endevours. As you learn to let go of what you thought you wanted, you will continue to discover more of what you really need. Let inspiration guide you this month, Aquarius. Your intellect and intuition are working together at this time, trust them as a team.

Pisces - Eight of Swords

Like an unskilled spider, you have been caught in a web of your own making this month, Pisces. The bad news is, you have no one to blame but yourself. The good news is, you created the very prison you now rest in so you also hold the keys. Don’t worry, unraveling your sticky web is even easier than weaving it in the first place. Take a step back to find a fresh perspective on what got you into this situation. Did you perhaps take a wrong turn recently that caused a disrupt in your carefully crafted plans? First of all, remember that there are no wrong turns, only detours in the right direction. Then simply ask yourself where your mind was focused when you found yourself off course. Recalibrate to your cosmic factory settings, focus on the emotions behind your desires, and you’ll find that the pattern for your web was always there because it’s etched into the very strands of your DNA. Turn towards the thing you just can’t stop thinking about and you’ll immediately free yourself from this web you’ve wonkily weaved.

Aries - Five of Cups

Feeling like your new year got off on the wrong foot, Aries? Like the meme culture says, January was simply your free trial month, February is when 2019 truely begins. You had a big burst of momentum in last month’s forecast. Perhaps you’re still sorting out how to put all of those plans into action. Don’t let the fact that you can’t do everything at once create disappointment in your efforts. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t burry those emotions either. February is your month to really FEEL. From the good to the bad, know that each and every one of your emotions is valid this month. If you need to cry, cry. If you want to laugh, laugh. And if you need to take a mental health day from all of that progressive planning, it will still be there for you tomorrow. Clean out your emotional closet so you’ll have plenty of mental space for the inspiration that’s on the way.

Taurus - The Hanged Man

Don’t make yourself the martyr this month, tender Taurus. Doing too much for those around you might have you feeling a bit burned out, but it’s not their fault like you might think. You have full control over how you spend your time and energy. Integrate the word “no” into your vocabulary more often to find the relief you need most. Saying no can feel particularly hard when it comes to your family units, be it genetic or self-made. So instead of thinking of your negation as a rejection directed at those you love, think of it as a service to both yourself AND them. Let go of the need to be everything to everyone and take time out for yourself to restore your energy. Your loved ones will understand once they feel how much more present you are after a little R&R.

Gemini - The Hierophant

Oh dearest Gemini, though you do know so much about the world, sometimes it is helpful to admit that you do not know it all. This month the Universe implores you to find a role model for your deepest desires. Whether it be a teacher in the classroom or an aesthetic muse on Instagram, you will benefit deeply from seeing your plans and dreams manifesting from a slightly different perspective. Hold your own action plan loosely at your side while you entertain the idea of doing the same thing from someone else’s protocall. Through your open willingness to learn, you’ll find a fresh new blend of them + you that will save you the trial and error while still remaining unapologetically on brand.

Cancer - The Emperor

Create structure out of the chaos that has been your creative energy the past few months, Cancer. It’s amazing that your flare for the dramatic is finally finding an artistic outlet, but you need to find a way to channel that energy in a more productive fashion. Thankfully, the Emperor is here to whip your day to day routine into shape. Call upon his stable, grounding energy anytime you find yourself feeling prone to flights of fancy when you should be getting down to business. Daydreaming fuels your drive, yes, but don’t let that overactive imagination run away with all of your free time. Create a schedule and stick to it for at least the next few weeks. Then once you’ve ironed out the kinks you can go back and revise to ensure there’s plenty of time for both work and for whimsy.

Leo - Ace of Swords

Got a scathingly brilliant idea, luscious Leo? Now that you’ve dealt with your inner demons with last month’s Devil card, your conscious can remain clear as you move forward with your grandiose plans. The lesson here is to be sure you’re always taking action for the right intentions. It can be tempting to post on social media or promote a big endeavor for the accolades and attention - especially for a limelight-loving lioness like yourself, but you’ll receive even greater praise when your true motivation comes from your great big heart. Ask yourself how you can use your fabulous social skills to help the world at large AND have a ton of fun in the process. Just make sure that when the momentum picks up with you as the face of a new movement you’ll still remember why you started in the first place.

Virgo - The Hermit

Oh virtuous Virgo, you don’t always have to be so set in your ways. The structure that you hold to so tightly may be preventing you from growing in the new year. The Hermit is here to give you permission to take a time out, to get still, and to really ask yourself if your stubborn beliefs are truly rooted in your heart of hearts. There’s something here to learn that can only be absorbed through introspection and communication with your spirit posse. Angels, spirit guides, fairies, David Bowie - countless cosmic creatures are waiting in the wings to guide you on this journey. Choose whomever you want to accompany you on this journey and embrace that support that surrounds you. The lessons may not always be sunshine and rainbows, but even darker moments take you closer and closer to your own internal light. And if you need help, just ask.

Libra - Six of Swords

Finally, there’s a light at the end of that long tunnel you’ve been lurking down, lovable Libra! As you move from last month’s Eight of Cups reading into this month’s Six of Swords, you’re still learning to trust in the letting go - but it is getting easier. This month’s energy is your reward for all of the work you put in throughout January. This is your time to rest, regroup, and recover from whatever was unearthed from your soul. You cleaned out a lot from your cosmic closets and it may take some settling to find everything in it’s right place, but rest assured that you can put the past behind you and embrace a sense of hope for the future. Enjoy that precious sunshine that’s streaming down on you this month! Soak it up for all it’s worth because the worst is over and the best is still yet to come!

Scorpio - The Tower

When the world turns upside down, trust that you could have a hit musical number on your hands, scintillating Scorpio. The Tower card is an invitation to embrace the challenges that are being presented to you not as a chance to crumble, but as a chance to rise. After all , it is only through the ashes of what once surrounded your that you can discover your inner Phoenix. Therefore, if your circumstance grow shaky as the weeks unfold, remember that you now have the opportunity to become unshakable. Take a deep breath, hold tight to your lifevest (but also know you can swim without it), and dive on in. You’ll come out the other side stronger and deeply prepared for anything life throws at you.

Sagittarius - Two of Wands

How’s that new direction working out for you, spry Sagg? From the sidelines it’s looking pretty good. You’ve taken the lessons that you learned last month and used that homework to light a fire of inspiration! The Two of Wands indicates that you’re still in the beginning stages of planning so be sure to hold any timelines loosely and allow your creative vision to develop organically. Other than that though, it seems you’re on the right track! Can you feel the momentum starting to build? Continue to chase that excited energy and trust your instincts as you embark upon this new endeavor. It may not lead you where you thought it was headed, but it will certainly lead you to where you’re meant to be.

Capricorn - Three of Cups

“Joy is a natural state of being, it does not have to be earned.” The Three of Cups could not bring a better reminder to the constantly working Cap! Stop working so hard at chasing your joy that you forget to actually experience it. Embrace the support that you find around you this month, dear Capricorn. Learn to delegate because you are surrounded by helpers, and not just in the physical world, but in the energetic one as well. The more you learn to ask for help, the lighter that weight you’ve been carrying in your shoulders will become. You are surrounded by support and love, bask in that knowledge and give yourself a break this month because goddess knows, you’ve earned it!

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