Tarotscopes: January 2019

Tarotscopes: January 2019

January is all about transitions. But just because you’ve flipped the calendar page from 2018 to 2019 doesn’t mean the time for changes is over. Quite the contrary…the transformation has only just begun.

This month marks the first installment of the monthly Tarotscope offerings I’ll be writing for each zodiac sign on this blog. In years past, I’ve offered these readings for paying clients only, but something told me this year they’d need to be accessible for a greater audience. So now they’re free. Offered a month at a time, here on the blog.

However, if you find you like these little nuggets of tarot wisdom, I’d appreciate it if you considered ordering a personal reading via email. After all, a psychic’s gotta eat…and also supplement her new tarot deck addition to provide you with visual variety in these readings.

This month’s Tarotscopes have been pulled from the dark and mystical Spirit Speak Tarot Reversed deck, best used for looking at the shadowy corners of your soul and seeing what needs to be cleaned out. It’s time to leave the past behind, babes.

So, let’s get started…


Capricorn - The Lovers

The key to your success this month, dear Cap, is allowing yourself to embrace a true, unabashed connection with someone you’ve perhaps avoided in the past. Tear down those high emotional walls in favor of a mutually supportive kinship and valuable addition to your tribe. And while this partnership may very well be romantic as the Lovers image implies, don’t rule out a new business connection or platonic friendship either. Look for those who respect the same people and values as you do. You never know what wisdom your best friends other best friend or mentor’s protege may have to impart to you. Get vulnerable with this person as you share your deepest desires, they’ll understand your perspective because they see the world as you do.

Aquarius - Six of Swords

You’re entering into a new paradigm, etherial Aquarius. Transitioning from one timeline to the next is your main game this month. This shift in energy, though ultimately restorative, may cause a bit of discomfort at first. It’s as if you’re sky-rocketing towards new heights, but you hit a bit of turbulence escaping the Earth’s atmosphere. You must release your rocket boosters without looking back if you’re ever going to reach the stars. Do not fear letting go of the things that cannot continue with you on your journey. You must release the past to lighten your energy as you move towards your destiny.

Pisces - Three of Wands

Congratulations, Pisces! This past year you’ve worked harder and changed more than you have in a very long time. Your trajectory from 2018 to 2019 was fast and furious, though not void of a few potholes. The trials and tribulations you can leave behind, just don’t forget the lessons that they’ve brought you. As the zodiac’s dreamer you can sometimes be guilty of big plans with very little action. You’ve started to break free of that mold this past year, darling. Don’t let the transition into the new year slow that progress down. You still have more path to cover on the journey to become your biggest, brightest shining star self. Keep checking things off that to do list of your dreams.

Aries - The Emperor

Oh sweet baby Aries, you are in your element as 2019 kicks off with a bang! The Emperor card brings even more of that go-getter energy that your sign craves. However, since you can sometimes be guilty of action without planning, The Emperor is here to gently guide you to see the bigger picture. Sometimes a lack of action for awhile moves you forward faster than jumping head first into an empty pool. Get your ducks in order this month, Aries. Start from your big dreams and work backwards to make an air-tight action plan. You’ll be happy you waited for the waters to rise while you practiced your doggy paddle skills come spring.

Taurus - Nine of Cups

Oh tender Taurus, you’ve finally feather the nest of your dreams. Whether you’re cozy in your cocoon at home or cruising down the fast lane in your career, you spent 2018 encircling yourself with what you need to feel stable, safe, and secure in your surroundings for 2019. Like a clever squirrel, you’ve stock piled your resources and now it’s time to enjoy it. Even if you’re still waiting on the final home goods order to arrive or that final penny on your paycheck to be present, take the time to appreciate what you have. You are loved. You are safe. You are secure. Take that in with a long deep breath and make a wish for what’s to come. Your manifestations are all about to be fulfilled.

Gemini - King of Swords

Gallant Gemini, your powers of perception will serve you quite well as we transition into our next timeline. The King of Swords is here to support your keen observation skills as you survey your options for the start of the year. Now is not a time for frivolity (though there will be plenty of time for that later). This month, it is time to release any flashy and fabulous people, places, and things that, though shiny, may not be serving your heart. Try the #KonMari method with your social life this month, hold each of your close relationships in your mind and feel for an emotions. If a person’s energetic presence doesn’t spark joy from the depths of your soul during that time, bless the connection for what it’s given you then cut the cord and release it back into the world. Come spring, you’ll be thankful that you cleared out space for something new.

Cancer - The Magician

The time has come for us, my fellow Cancers, to embrace our multifaceted passions and pursue our dreams unapologetically. For the past year, we’ve been learning how to separate our needs from the needs of others. The lunar mother in us all has finally learned that sometimes you need to mother yourself first before you can mother the world. This year, it’s time to apply that wisdom to your career. You cannot have complete faith in your endeavors if you are constantly concerned with what others may think. Even when this worry less from lack of confidence and more from disquiet over their comfort, you’re still stifling your creative drive with these distractions. Trust that you have all that you need within you. The outside world can follow or be left behind, but it’s your year to move forward. As Rumi so wisely cajoles, “Stop acting so small, you are the Universe in ecstatic motion.”

Leo - The Devil

Lovely Leo, your lust for the limelight just may get the best of you this month. It’s not that you’re not deserving of all the flattery and attention, it’s that you can’t expect the outside world to always be the ones to fill your cup. The Devil points to an unhealthy addiction, a need to satiate yourself with something outside of your own body. This dependency is draining you of your true power. Train yourself into self-flattery first. After all, true contentment can only come from within, any other source for happiness is fated to become scarce in the end. Be your own biggest fan and let it be the cherry on your ultra rich, hot fudge sundae when the rest of the world flocks to follow your lead.

Virgo - Ace of Wands

Did you feel that spark, Virgo? That’s the feeling of a fresh fire being lit within your soul. Sure, you may have to take a few more strikes of the flint to keep it going, but trust that it will provide you with all the heat you need this winter. Listen to that little voice of your creative spirit whispering for something more this month, darling. You’ve had hints of what this new passion plans to be trickling in for months, but now it’s time to take action. Don’t feel ready? Take a class. Now sure where to start? Start with what feels like it might be the most fun. Who says you have to do things in a specific order? Let go of your tendency to over plan just this once, valiant Virgo. The plan will reveal itself along the way, but you’ve got to get that fire roaring bright to see what’s about to be revealed.

Libra - Eight of Cups

With every ending comes a new beginning. That’s true of the passing of the years and true of any self-perceived failures. This month may hold a few reality checks for you, dear Libra, but you know better than any of the signs that there’s a balance to all things. Just as one chapter ends, you’ll turn the page to a brand new adventure. Don’t get so caught up in what you leave behind that you miss out on all of the attractions signposted up ahead. Let go of your natural nostalgia for a month or so to focus on creating a road map instead. Carefully curve your course around any sites that repeat your past and embrace adventure as you plot pitstops in exotic locales. Plus if at any point your path becomes uncertain, you always have that little voice within. Like a clever GPS, your spirit is constantly providing you with coordinates on your journey.

Scorpio - Three of Pentacles

Saddle up, spry Scorpio, you’re out of the gate, off and running this year. It’s time to put your nose to the grindstone when it comes to manifesting money and living the life of your dreams. Whatever divine inspirations struck you at year’s end, this is the time to put those plans in action. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all alone. The Universe is sending you assistance in your endeavors, like-minded souls with a mutually benefited mission. Don’t get so caught up in what you’re carrying that you can’t see the hand reaching out to help you out. Put your trust issues aside once you’ve heard their persuasive pitch and put them to service on any tasks that distract you from the bigger picture. Let someone else do the busy work while you keep you eye on the prize. Conserve your energy for the steps that really cover ground and you’ll all be winners in the end.

Sagittarius - The Hierophant

It’s time to seek enlightenment, sanctimonious Sag. Sure you may feel you’re halfway there already, but some spiritual journeys need a guide to get you through the darkened forest. There’s a teacher waiting in the wings this month, patiently watching as you ready yourself to learn. Trust that you don’t have to make yourself an expert to become an apprentice in your passions. Wouldn’t that defeat the whole purpose? Take the pressure off yourself to be perfect and ask for advice from someone you admire. You’ll save yourself a heap of time trusting that their former foundering will prepare you greater than trial and error on your own. Soak up the guidance like a sponge, you’ll feel saturated for your journey that lies ahead.

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