Tarotscopes: July 2019

Tarotscopes: July 2019

Happy New Moon/Solar Eclipse, darlings!

Can you feel the powerful shift? Perhaps it’s because I’m a Cancer and all of the transformation is happening within my sun sign, but I already feel like a fish that’s been safely let off the hook to swim free.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or stalled the past few months, things are going to start moving. But don’t worry, this month’s retrograde will keep that momentum at a steady pace so we don’t get overwhelmed. Remind yourself of that blessing when your commute or technology hits a few hiccups starting July 7th.

As for your particular sun & rising sign, here’s what you can expect from the month ahead as told by the Holly Simple Tarot deck coupled with my keen moon sign intuition:

Cancer: Two of Pentacles

Abundance is your name and balance is your game this month, moon child! You’re about to catapult yourself into a money making scheme that totally empowers you to realize your worth. Just don’t get too caught up in seeing dollar signs that you forget what got you there in the first place. The more you can stay tapped into your mission, your reason for being here, the more the money will ebb and flow naturally without upsetting your internal balance. Treat this momentary momentum in money like the moon treats the tide, allow it to flow in and out thanks to your natural gravitational pull.

Leo: Four of Cups

I know it’s not your all anticipated birthday season yet, lovely Leo, but that’s no reason to feel forgotten. You may be having a rare moment behind the scenes before you burst forth into the spotlight. Use the first part of July to really rest and restore. Don’t get too caught up in feelings of lack this month. Be grateful for the energies that are showing up for you even when you may not feel like the life of the party. Take a cue from the Cancer new moon and recognize the power of tending to your emotional garden. Water yourself with inspiration and get plenty of sunlight from those that shine the brightest in your life, you’ll feel ready to blossom come your solar return at the end of the month.

Virgo: Mother of Swords

This month puts your discerning eye to good use, vehement Virgo! Your keen sense of detail will come in handy as you evaluate the relationships currently taking up real estate in your life. The Mother of Swords is asking that you be swift with your judgements and unforgiving with your sword of elimination. If someone in your life isn’t serving your highest interest, cut the cord, make space for a family that always has your back. Put up an elegant velvet rope around your heart and only let in members to the elusive love club that truly deserve your energy.

Libra: Seven of Wands

Feel like you’ve been conquering your demons left and right lately, Libra? It shows. You’ve strengthened your inner resolve and found a connection to something higher than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you get to rest on your laurels. You still have more room to grow, more darkness to shine your light onto, and more demons to face down before you can truly settle into who you’re meant to be. Do not get discouraged, like a good workout regime, your self-care practices have built up the stamina that you need to pull through. Stay strong, stay centered, you’ve got this. One last push forward.

Scorpio: The High Priestess

Oh Scorpio, it looks like you’ve found yourself an unlikely home in the emotional waters of this Cancer new moon. Your intuition is at a high, but your sharp corners have been softened slightly to allow for a new perspective to come through. Allow your emotional walls to crumble ever so slightly as you accept that your past perceptions of the world don’t have to be your present ones. If someone in your life is trying to make amends, let them. Get still, go deep, and allow the Universe at large to show you things through a softer lens. You are exactly where you need to be…and so are they.

Sagittarius: Death

Something big is coming to an end in your life this month, stable Sagg. Whether it be a job, a relationship, or the home in which you hang your hat, let it go with grace. Nothing good ever comes from clinging to something that’s no longer meant for you. Embrace the idea that this ending is making space for your next great beginning, but you’ll never get there if you’re anchored in the past. Cut the cord, set sail, and allow the winds of change to take you someplace magical. You’re still at the helm, but you have to trust the sails to move you forward.

Capricorn: The Emperor

Your orderly and productive nature should feel right at home with The Emperor, capable Cap! This month is about embracing that inner task-maker you do so well, it’s time to create order out of chaos. No matter what transitions you might be dealing with this month, keep your eye on the prize. The more you can see the big picture of this transformation, the easier you’ll be able to make a plan to get there. Don’t let feelings of self-doubt get in the way of your inner bad ass. You know exactly what you want, you always have, only now the entire Universe is lining up to give it to you. Enjoy the change that’s coming your way, your strong roots will keep you stable no matter what way the wind blows you.

Aquarius: Nine of Wands

Just keep swimming this month, water bearer! You’re so close to your end goal, but you might be feeling a little water logged from your journey. Know that your efforts are not for naught, you just have to keep going to see the effects for yourself. The task at hand is what you were born to do. You know it, I know it, it’s written in the stars. So don’t let anything the naysayers throw at you make you doubt your divine destiny. Keep your head up and your heart full, you’re so much closer to your goal than you could ever imagine. It’s waiting for you just around the river bend.

Pisces: Father of Cups

Water, water, everywhere and all the emotions you can drink. You’re in your element this month, dear Pisces. Creativity, love, and all the feels are at their peak, but you’re juggling all of it with ease. The Father of Cups brings you gentle control over your highest qualities. Your dreamy Pisces nature gets a boost of actual productivity this new moon, don’t let it go to waste. Your true power lies in your ability to create something from nothing within your mind, but this month you’re challenge to take that one step further and develop those mind-scapes out in the real world. Whatever you can dream, you can do. Trust in that concept and let the Universe take care of the rest.

Aries: Four of Swords

You may be feeling a bit out of your usual element this month, Aries. Though your standard MO is to go, go, go, the Four of Swords asks that you sit still for a moment to find clarity. There seems to be a bit of unease in the world around you, maybe it’s all those Cancer season eclipse emotions, but it’s not a time to move forward with fast momentum like you might wish. Maybe your ready, but your cohorts are still processing feelings that would make movement at this moment volatile for everyone involved. To subdue the threat of outside interference, take the time to breath and regroup, maybe even meditate if you can bare it. Things will move forward soon enough and you’ll be glad you held off until all of the elements were ready for action.

Taurus: Daughter of Wands

Oh, tenacious Taurus, you’re so ready to share your ideas with the world, but you may need to cut your teeth on something a little more tender first. You have so many inspiring projects in mind this month, not to mention a flare for dramatic presentation of these concepts, but you’ve still got something left to learn before you can fully take the wheel. Don’t let your lack of experience in this area hold you back, but don’t feel like you need to pretend you know more than you do to get ahead. No one likes a leader who’s overcompensating for their own feelings of inadequacy. Get honest with yourself and others about what you’re ready to learn and they’ll respect you that much more for recognizing the areas you’re willing to grow.

Gemini: The Hermit

Oh gentle Gemini, we know you know it all. Your brilliant and analytical mind is one of the zodiac’s greatest treasures, but sometimes you have to allow others to learn the lessons for themselves. Take a break from being the teacher this month and go within…not so much because you need fixing, but because it’s not your job to fix everyone around you. Those nearest and dearest to you have you itching to hand out unsolicited advice, but with Mercury going retrograde your words may fall on deaf ears. So take a sabbatical from your self-appointed job as professor of the Universe. You’ve earned it. Let the rest of the world sort out their own mental chatter while you sit meditating in clarity at the top of your metaphorical mountain. They’ll join you there when they’re ready.

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