Tarotscopes: June 2019

Tarotscopes: June 2019

Feeling a bit split in two this month, darlings? We’re reaching a critical juncture in our paths towards our destinies this month. Whatever you’ve been toiling away at that doesn’t serve your true purpose is about to fall to the wayside to make room for what you truly desire.

It doesn’t have to be a clean break. You don’t have to drop everything, quit your day job, or move to your dream location tomorrow, but you do have to start visualizing what this new life will look like and what role your old life will play in it. As you start to align with your cosmic brilliance like our Bad Bitch Affirmation for the month implores, pick and choose the parts of your life to take with you on that cosmic journey.

For me, I’ve been feeling a strong pull for months now to get more creative. Writing, acting, directing, and creating fictional content are where my heart feels at home these days. That being said, I don’t feel the need to break up completely with my divination practices (because I love our time together too). I will continue to offer up my personal Reiki + Tarot sessions both in person and long distance (they’re my favorite) as well as post your monthly tarotscopes…just maybe on a slightly more flexible scheduled. Thank you for your patience while I iron out the kinks and align with my own cosmic brilliance.

Now, without further ado, here are your June tarotscopes from the Holly Simple Tarot:


Gemini: The Emperor

You are in your seat of power this month, Gemini! It’s your solar return and you rule over everything the light touches. Just don’t be afraid to examine the shadows every now and again. As you start to see the big picture and put together the pieces of how the past few years have lead you to this exact moment, recognize that you have to take the good with the bad. Don’t be so afraid of spoiling the party that you push aside your hardships. It’s your struggle that has brought you the strength you need. By denying the shadow parts, you deny the lessons learned. Instead, integrate, incorporate, and welcome what you’ve been through as integral parts of your whole self. Only then can you fully claim your throne.

Cancer: Ten of Swords

Let go of that future vision you’ve held so tightly for so long, dear Cancer. It’s served its purpose by propelling you to this moment, but it was never your final destination. The more you surrender what you thought you knew, the more you’ll open up to what’s meant for you. The easier you release what you thought you wanted, the quicker the Universe can show up with what you truly need. Stay present, forgive yourself for your stubborn nature, and accept that with every ending comes a new beginning. Everything is working out in your favor.

Leo: Father of Cups

Dive in to your creative brilliance this month, charming Leo. It’s time to fully embrace who you’re becoming as a creative soul, as a lover, and as the master of your own emotions. The Father of Cups is highly emotional and creative, but has a firm hold on both powerful forces. You can have emotions and not let them overwhelm you, You can be artistic and also live a structured daily life. Don’t let a fear of the extremes keep you stuck in mediocrity. Dive in, go deep, and see what treasures you unearth by trusting that you can always come back up for air when you need to. You are never stuck where you are.

Virgo: Daughter of Wands

You are a beautiful, brilliant visionary, Virgo. It’s time to put those visions to good use. You may feel as if your soul has been dragged through the mud and then tossed into a car wash over the past several months. You may be sparkly clean now, but you’re also feeling exhausted from the effort of getting there. Just know that this experience is exactly the catalyst you needed to crack open. You are transforming into who you’ve always meant to be, but there’s no need to rush it. Your shell has only just begun to crack open. Your job is to not be afraid to explore what you’ve gone through as you slowly exit that protective covering.

Libra: Four of Pentacles

Get clear on your future visions this month, lovely Libra. Your indecisive nature serves no purpose in these times. Whatever you’ve been riding the fence about, whether it be love, money, career, or all of the above, it’s time to step up your game and choose a side. Even if the manifestation might be months away, you have to fully commit to your desire in order to have time to prepare. Often times, even when we finally get clear about what we want, our vibration still takes time to catch up. So don’t delay the process any further. Make a list of EXACTLY what you want, then take daily action to bring it closer to reality. It will get here as soon as you are ready.

Scorpio: Six of Cups

Your cup runneth over with nostalgia this month, Scorpio. It’s time to embrace the connections from your past as they arrive, and arrive they will. The Universe is sending you subtle reminders of who you once were so you have the choice what to integrate into who you are becoming. Taking cues from your past self doesn’t have to mean you're moving backwards. Think of it instead as a final draft edit. To ensure your story is where you want it to be, you have to make sure the pages that came before convey how you got there to begin with. In the same breath, you can cross out anything that doesn’t fit where your story is headed to better focus your intentions for the future. Embrace the good, release the bad, and trust that your happy ending is just a few pages away.

Sagittarius: The World

You’ve reach the completion of a cycle this month, sassy Sagg! And what better energy to move into something new than the split energy of Gemini season. One ending creates a new beginning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a moment to pause in between and appreciate what you’re closing out. By taking the time to reset between your two journeys, you’ll discover ways to do it bigger and better the next round. It will be a different story, but you can still use some of the same themes to your advantage. Take stock, celebrate, and move forward with the clarity the past has gifted you.

Capricorn: Mother of Pentacles

Congrats, Cap! You’ve feathered yourself quite the little nest of abundance. Even if you can’t see it quite yet, the money is cued up and ready to flow in at a steady stream. Just be sure you don’t get too tight fisted, even when your bank account feels a little light. No one’s saying you need to go out and blow it all on something silly, but abundance is like a tube: you can’t have any money flowing in if you haven’t had money flowing out. Don’t stop up the works with your feelings of lack. Invest in your own success and trust that everything is always working out.

Aquarius: Justice

Check your motives this month, Aquarius. Are you acting from a place of authentic truth in your life or are you fulfilling the expectations of others or even your past self? It’s ok if your motivation and goals have changed over the years. It’s not ok to keep moving blindly forward towards your original goal without checking in every now and again to make sure it’s still what you want. Shake things up. Put more weight in one side of the scales than the other and see how that feels. After a few test runs, you’ll know where to place your priorities for the best current balance.

Pisces: Ten of Pentacles

Abundance abounds, productive Pisces! You’ve been hard at work making those daydreams a reality this month and it shows. Just don’t rest too heavy on your laurels. Enjoy your success, but dream bigger. What if you could make enough money not just to make yourself more comfortable, but to help change the world? Where would you put your dollars if your bills were just a drop in the bucket? What organizations or activists would you support or what innovative ideas would you create yourself if you had enough funds to back them all? These are all important questions to ask yourself to stay motivated. The limit only exists within your own mind. Expand it.

Aries: The Moon

Oh fiery Aries, I know you love taking action, but your shift in focus this month just might be more about going within. Does that make you feel uncomfortable? The rest of the zodiac may be busy making plans and moving forward, but your forward motion is subtler. Don’t let the fact that you may not have much to show for your efforts lessen the value of working out your inner demons. Those little insecurities and self-doubts you’ve been pushing to the side will be better served brought out into the open and ironed out. You don’t have to talk about it until you’re ready, but you do have to get honest with yourself about where the work lies. You cannot move forward externally until you’ve made movements within.

Taurus: Three of Cups

Your social calendar is overflowing with options this month, dear Taurus! Trust that you need not be overwhelmed. Make it a priority to spend time with those friends who fill you up and allow the connections that leave you feeling drained to find their water elsewhere. Trust that you are surrounded by loving and authentic connections that are here to support you. Spend time with those nearest and dearest to you often and embrace the creative ideas that come from these close connection conversations. There’ll be time for networking with strangers and making new friends down the line, but this month is all about vibing with your current tribe. Be grateful.

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