Tarotscopes: March 2019

Tarotscopes: March 2019

March comes in like a extra fluffy lion…the kind you win at a carnival for being the best at the game. Because that’s what we’re diving into this month: a big fluffy reward for our best efforts in 2019. We are entering into the best version of our personal timeline, shedding our old skin, and getting really honest about who we are and what we really need.

Things may feel like they’ve been a bit stalled lately and will perhaps continue to hit a few more snags throughout this month’s Mercury Retrograde, but trust that we are about to be catapulted forward into our future. Even if you can’t quite see past the blinds that the Universe has placed upon your windows to the soul, it’s time to trust that the view on the other side is far better than anything you could ever dream up.

“Seek Your Pleasure.” This is our collective message from the Bad Bitch Affirmation deck. It’s an assignment for all signs, regardless of the tarot’s message. From the mundane to the magical, find ways to seek pleasure in all of your activities. Slow down, ignite your senses, and take note of the things that turn you on both physically and spiritually. Use these moments of pleasure as your guideposts to lead you into the best version of your new life.

And without further ado, let’s dive in to the Holly Simple Tarot for the best advice for your sign:


Pisces: Six of Cups

Daydreams abound this month, dear Pisces. After all, isn’t that what you do best? Embrace those flights of fancy and dive in to the deep waters of nostalgia in your search for pleasure this March. There’s something to be learned and healed that you can only find in the playtimes of your past. Embrace the resurfacing of old friends and long forgotten hobbies as you fully define the parts you want to take with you moving forward into your new life. Let go of anything that feels heavy and find the parts of your past that excite your inner child. You can grow up and still have some things stay the same. You’re constructing the future version of yourself from your past, present, and future, make it from the best ingredients.

Aries: Ace of Cups

Go with the flow, audacious Aries. I know forging your own path comes naturally to you, but sometimes it’s better to trust and surrender to whats been carved out by those tho came before you. It might feel cliche, but a new type of love introduces itself into your life this month. Perhaps it’s romantic, perhaps it’s platonic, but at it’s roots it’s actually different versions of self-love. You are being attracted to others who mirror back to you the best parts of yourself. As you fall in love with the world around you, take a moment to recognize the qualities you admire that already exist within you. The more that you can embrace those parts of yourself, the better prepared you’ll find yourself for what lies ahead.

Taurus: Father of Swords

For most of the zodiac, seeking pleasure involves living frivolous and fancy free. To the typical Taurus, these qualities feel like chaos. So for the stable bull the month of March is about creating order in the corners of your life that might normally feel neglected. Take time to clean out your closets, be it literally, figuratively, or both. Embrace that no non-sense mindset that you wear so well and get rid of anything that’s cluttering up your mind and body. Carve out new habits from your clean out to prevent build up of unneccessary items in your future. Your pleasure this month comes from the clean slate you’ll create by letting go of the people, things, and ideas that don’t make you feel your most grounded and secure. Root down in clear soil to grow into who you’re meant to be.

Gemini: Eight of Wands

Sudden movement and change are on the horizon for you, gorgeous Gemini! Your manifestations are paying off three fold and your quick wit will serve you well as you move forward to collect your rewards. This month may require some fast decisions concerning your future, but trust that your analytical mind has already gathered all of the information that you need to choose wisely. Don’t second guess yourself, just follow your purest impulse, the one that brings you pleasure just thinking of the outcome. There are no wrong turns, just detours in the right direction. Embrace the path that lies ahead as if you’d chosen it…because you did.

Cancer: Wheel of Fortune

Oh cautious Cancer, it’s time to recognize that overanalyzing your decisions and agonizing over the potential heartache of an outcome are a waste of energy when the Universe always has your back. The Wheel of Fortune comes as a reminder this month that everything is a blessing. Even in the most charmed life, there are ups and downs, but this is all part of the movement towards who you are becoming. A wheel cannot move without downward motion at some point on it’s circle. The more you recognize this fact, the easier the peaks and valleys will become. Timelines are speeding up as we move towards spring, soon enough any discomfort will feel as if it’s lasting only a single breath.

Leo: Mother of Swords

Place a “no bull shit” clause on your relationships this month, loyal Leo. There may be some connections where you’ve been less than honest about your desires and it’s left your lion-hearted soul feeling caged. Break free from those closed quarters and be unapologetic about sharing your truth. The more you live your most authentic life, the easier you’ll spot those around you who are lying to themselves and to you. Surround yourself with fellow seekers of the truth and you’ll find that the path to pleasure has far fewer bumps in the road. Stop navigating around the needs of others. Those meant to be in your pride are fully capably of fending for themselves without you constantly catering to their needs.

Virgo: The Magician

The force is strong with you this month, valiant Virgo! Your manifestation powers are on fleek in March so use that magic to your advantage. Don’t accept anything less than what brings you pleasure. You are currently a magnet for the people, places, and opportunities that will best serve you in the life you truly deserve. Don’t let that inner voice of doubt make you question your worth or your readiness.  Instead, practice radical selfishness as an act of self-love and allow the Universe to weed out those not powerful enough to handle you at your highest vibration. Essentially, you do you, then trust that everything else will fall in line.

Libra: Daughter of Pentacles

New opportunities for abundance and creativity are on the horizon, liberated Libra. You have been freed from your own shackles of self-judgement to recognize that no one else fixates on those self-percieved flaws. Stop letting self-doubt chain you to indecision. As a new path unfolds for you, don’t get hung up on what you don’t feel ready for, the Universe has all of that taken care of down the line. Instead, allow yourself to daydream about your goals and have fun with your future manifestations. If there were no limits on your future lifestyle, what would you wish for. The Universe is ready with it’s magic wand to grant your deepest desires. Don’t sell yourself short out of fear, you deserve so much better than doubt and worry.

Scorpio: The Hierophant

Sultry Scorpio, it’s time to come out of solitude and embrace a community of fellow sorcerers this month. Whatever your magic making rituals of choice are, no matter how unique they may seem, there’s a coven-like community out there that shares your beliefs and craves support just like you. True self-knowledge cannot exist in a vacuum so in the search for undiscovered parts of yourself, seek out others who can mirror back to you the areas in which you crave more growth. To discover this community, you must have the courage to put yourself out there and be completely honest about your beliefs. Anyone who judges what you reveal deserves to be weeded out of your garden for stunting your growth. Let them leave.

Sagittarius: Six of Wands

Your efforts are being rewarded with public praise and affirmation, successful Sag! Your pleasure this month comes not just from these prizes of your productivity, but from sharing your success with others as well. Be generous with your newfound faith in your abilities and show the world how to follow in your footsteps. Don’t get too hung up on others following your exact path (after all there’s only one of you in this world capable of that), but be generous with the epiphanies you’ve had that helped open doors for you. The secret to your success is not found in your actions, but in your mindset. Put that wisdom out into the world, not only to help others, but to look back on yourself when you’ve one day lost your perspective.

Capricorn: The Sun

Soak up the Sun’s gorgeous restorative rays this month, Capricorn, you’ve earned it! It might feel as if winter has lasted forever this year, regardless of your hemisphere, but things are looking up. Like a lizard soaking up warmth before the sun sets, embrace the simple blessings that are showering down upon you this month and store up some of those good vibes to keep you cozy on the journey ahead. After all, it can’t all be sunshine and rainbows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t soak them up when they’re around. Do what makes you feel good and don’t apologize for the simple pleasures that make you smile. Everything is working out, find gratitude to the memories you can carry with you in case that fact escapes you.

Aquarius: Daughter of Swords

Seek pleasure in life’s little curiosities this month, Aquarius. Ask yourself why you see things from a certain perspective and analyze if that point of view still serves your best interests moving forward. You are the zodiac’s ambassador for thinking outside of the box, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not guilty of occsionally boxing yourself in. The remedy for this trap is to constantly question your intentions and recalibrate to remain true to your purpose. Transformation is at hand. Weed out any dated thought patterns in need of an upgrade. You don’t have to overhaul your whole operating system, just delete unused apps, update the ones that you still use, and make sure there’s still space for something new to download.

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