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My Love Affair with Sex & Fashion

As every women’s magazine on my Facebook feed has reminded me this morning, today is the 15th anniversary of the first episode of Sex and the City. On June 6, 1998, when Carrie & co. graced HBO viewers with their presence for the first time, I was 13…not exactly viewing age for a series with “sex” in the title. However, that didn’t stop me from sneaking into the living room to watch while my parents were away.

sex and the city marathon

15 years later, I own every single season & no longer have to hide my viewing habits from my parents, but I’m just as obsessed with the relationships, writing puns, and fashion of everyone’s favorite NYC foursome.

So, in honor of this anniversary, I’m taking a trip down memory lane with an afternoon DVD marathon and a list of my favorite moments from the closet of Carrie Bradshaw.

Fashion Favorite #1: The Infamous Tutu
tutu copycat

In all honesty, I feel that my love of this outfit has less to do with it’s iconic status and more to do with a love for all ballet-inspired fashion. After 12 years in tights, I have a special nostalgia for anything that makes me feel like I might be going to dance class. This outfit [and my personal copycat version from H&M] fits the dancing bill. And…pink.

Fashion Favorite #2: Pearls & An Engagement Ring

As a girl who only has the chance to put on a dress once in a blue moon, I’m all for dressing up my casual wear. That’s why I love this combination of layers of pearls over a simple tank top. And thank you, Carrie Bradshaw for making bra straps fashionable. Also, I loved Carrie’s unconventional way of wearing her engagement ring from Aiden around her neck. Unfortunately, due to how things ended on the show, it’s now become a symbol of not wanting to get married. Even still, I applaud the originality of the idea.

Fashion Favorite #3: The Feather Dress

As much as I admire the pouffy skirts and hourglass lines of the 60′s my body is best suited for the streamlined fashions of the 20′s & this dress certainly has that 20′s feel. I actually own a dress from Forever 21 that has a similar look to this one. I referred to it as my “Sex and the City dress” for years until it showed up on an extra in the background of the first SatC movie…now it really is my Sex and the City dress.

Fashion Favorite #4 & #5: Casual Carrie

Perhaps the closest to my own personal style, I love how Casual Carrie always looks pulled together, even when she’s slightly disheveled. Her secret: accessories. Pair any casual look with the right necklace, headscarf, or shoes & it becomes understated style. And once again, I blame SatC for being okay with my bra showing at any given time. 



Fashion Favorite #6: Thigh Highs & a T-shirt Dress

When I first started dating Nick, this was my favorite dress up/date night look. Being the short girl that I am, a long t-shirt easily doubles as a dress & “over the knee” socks become thigh highs. My wardrobe is essentially double that of someone a few inches taller…at least that’s what I like to think. Unfortunately, I rarely wear outfits like this out without a male escort. Something about that strip of thigh being exposed makes the catcalls more frequent when navigating the city alone.

Now excuse me, but I have several hours of DVD’s to watch while fantasy shopping for shoes online.
In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this gorgeous sight:

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Faux Fashion Friday: A Preview

So I want to do a Faux Fashion Friday post on my Valentine’s date night outfit, but unfortunately, most if the photos taken that night are simply too dark to do the dress justice.

I plan on taking some new shots [with adequate daylight] next week, but until then, here’s a little teaser from the end of the night:

Poofy skirt: Check. Lots of layers: Check. Very sore feet: Check.

lazy girls guide to colored hair

A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Candy-Colored Hair

lazy girls guide to colored hair

As you may have noticed, I have pink hair. And while it’s quite the trendy thing to do nowadays, I’ve actually been experimenting with bright hair color since back in high school. I was super proud back then that my driver’s license photo displayed my phase of dying the underparts of my hair bright colors ala the Christina Aguilera Come On Over video.

But back in high school, my color whims came easy and free of charge. You see, my mother’s a professional beautician. It’s only been in recent years, since my move to Chicago, that I’ve had to face the difficult choice of forking over my hard-earned cash or fending for my own color-craving self. Being the penny-pinching semi-confident DIY-er I am, I chose to go it alone…thankfully with only a few mistakes.

The Perfect Shade


Last February, inspired by Valentine’s day and my favorite NYE wig, I decided to dye my hair baby pink. After a little online research and 50 minutes of hair bleach [which was probably too long for my already blonde hair], I mixed Manic Panic cotton candy with virgin snow and a little conditioner to lighten the hot pink color to pastel. I chose Manic Panic mostly because it was clearly labeled as vegan, but also because it was easily accessible at just about any Sally’s Beauty Supply. After about 2 hours in a shower cap, I rinsed things off and found that I was totally in love with the results.

The Rookie Mistake

After a few weeks of continuous dying to keep my new color [the secret is to condition daily with a dye mixture & do a 2 hour shower cap session once a week...this is what I mean by lazy], my mother brought up some pink dye tubes that she wasn’t using in her beauty shop. They were not Manic Panic brand, but a quick online search implied that at least one of them, Urban Shock, was in fact plant-based. Unfortunately, the bottles came with little instruction so, when I did my usual half dye/half conditioner mixture, the color developed like this:

couch tiara

Alecia Moore circa 1999 wasn’t exactly the look I was going for.

The Color Correction

pink redeux

Thankfully, there’s a whole wide web full of resources for what to do when you screw up your hair color. My favorite advice came from Kimi Kill Zombie who recommended a vitamin c treatment made from crushed tablets mixed with shampoo. It took a few tries to fade to the perfect shade, but it worked like a charm…no harmful bleaching required.

Other Favorite Candy-Colored Resources: 

Scathingly Brilliant – Bright Hair Care
The Dainty Squid – Hair Tips & Tricks. Part Two: Dye.
xoJane – How to Get Candy Colored Hair That Still Looks Classy

sugar blues flyer

We are the Change that we seek.

Things are changing as quickly as the colors on the leaves around here! Perhaps you’ve noticed the lack of recipe posts on the blog as of late…it’s not that I’ve lost my passion for baking, it’s just that I’ve been otherwise occupied.

What’s keeping me so busy, you ask? Exciting new ventures!

First, there’s my fledgling career as a freelance health & wellness writer. My first submission was just publish on & there are several more in the works. I’ll keep you posted on my progress as the other articles hit the web.

Second, I have a new advice column on I’m super excited about this collaboration because I’ve always loved Miseducated’s girly design & positive content. Be sure to submit all of your health & lifestyle questions ASAP so that I have something to write about!

Third, there’s my upcoming FREE sugar blues workshop this Friday, October 26th. Want to join the conference call on how to kick your sugar addiction just in time for halloween? Become a fan of Health Happiness & Hula Hoops on facebook & receive your invite to the call later on this week!

Speaking of workshops, I’ve been helping the Omnivore prepare to teach his Zombie Survival Training class, a workshop to prepare survivors for the zombie apocalypse. It sounds silly, but he’s actually included a lot of practical advice on growing your own food & producing your own electricity in case of any large-scale disaster event. Also, check out his company, The Green Suite, where you can buy your own window farm kit or take a solar energy class.

And finally, you may have noticed that things are starting to look a little different around the blog. I’m in the middle of a redesign and trying to figure out the specifics for transferring the url from to [which is currently just a catch-all of resumes & links]. Don’t worry, lovely veg-heads, the blog will still be just as vegan as I am, but the name change will allow me the freedom to explore other topics as well [like wellness, mental health, home decor, & fashion] without feeling the need to include the v-word in every single post.
[Bonus: casting a wider net might attract some omni's to the v-club...sshhh, don't tell. ;) ]



birthday dress

Faux Fashion Friday: Birthday Dress, Not Suit

Faux Fashion Friday has been on a bit of hiatus.

Why? Well, frankly, I got tired of staging photos. It’s hard enough to find the time to get all dressed up, but when I do, I’ve usually lost the sunlight needed for a good photo.

I’m an evening glamour doll. So I was psyched when the Omnivore offered to take me out for an early birthday celebration last Monday night. Although I was tempted to buy a brand new outfit for the occasion, I opted instead to recycle some old favorites into a new look:

boots - target
belt - thrifted from the brown elephant
dress - handmade by my mother ♥
earring - bunny madden on etsy

Fun Fact: this dress was actually created for a Marilyn Monroe-themed photo shoot that I did several years back. My mother kindly shortened it for me recently to make it into a dress suited for going out. Here’s the original shot: