Past Life Readings


What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records are known in the world of psychic mediumship as the energetic record of all vibrations of your soul from past life incarnations until now and on into the future.

How are they best used?

Akashic readers can help you use the information within your Records a number of ways. My personal favorite way is to explore the lifetime that’s closest to your current soul’s journey and learn from the successes and mistakes of that former incarnation.

“[My past life reading] resonated so hard with me...truly an incredible experience.”
— Brianna Lombardo | Past Life Reading Recipient

What happens in a past life reading?

Past life readings with me are much like a therapy or coaching session. We’ll start our conversation discussing the goals and hang ups of your current life and through that, the energy of a relevant past life will be revealed.

I like to think of past lives as archetypes. Whether you believe they literally occurred or not, the stories that exist within your Akashic contain the same threads of what you’re working on in this lifetime. If your past life was a negative experience, you can learn from your own mistakes and heal past traumas with the information you receive. If your past life was a great success, knowing more about that side of yourself can help you embody the qualities necessary for your success in this lifetime as well.

“I now have a stronger understanding of the life I’m leading, the direction I’m headed, and the energies I attract.”
— Amanda R. | Past Life Reading Recipient

Why do you use tarot too?

As we explore the themes of your past life and how they relate to this one, it’s inevitable questions will come up regarding how to plan for your future. That’s why I like to end each session with a series of tarot cards for further clarity and motivation as you move forward.

Each hour long Past Life Reading includes:

  • a 45-minute conversation via Skype in which we discuss the themes and lessons relevant from your past life and how it relates to you today

  • multiple tarot card pulls throughout the reading for further clarity

  • a 15-minute distance reiki session after our conversation has ended to smooth out any energetic blockages that might be holding you back

  • an email recap including an audio recording of our conversation & any chakra balancing tips that came up during your post-convo Reiki healing

your investment in past, present, & future clarity - $199

Ready to dive into the secrets of your past lives?

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