Faux Fashion Friday: Let's Pretend I'm a Fashion Blogger.

Confession: I've always secretly wanted to be a fashion blogger...to take photos of my cutest outfits & post them online, to write posts about fashion wish lists, & to generally embrace the fact that I am a complete and total girly-girl.

I know, I know...but this is a food blog, right? It's about recipes & restaurants, not tights & tops...but will you humor me, dear readers? Will you join me for Faux Fashion Fridays?

Why "faux," you ask? Because faux sums up the 3 requirements for all of the fashion I will be posting:

1. Cruelty-free. Faux fur. Faux leather. Faux shearling. Since going vegan with my diet, I have been slowly trying to make my lifestyle the same. I do my absolute best to avoid purchasing any new clothing items made from leather, silk, wool, fur, etc. However, if by some mistake I feature a newly-purchased item that is NOT vegan, please feel free to kindly give me a heads up. [No accusatory tone needed, thank you.]

2. Re-used. As a thrifty girl on a budget, I tend to wear some of my clothing until it is near disintegration. This means that there are several items in my closet from BV [before vegan]: Ugg boots from 2004, wool sweaters from 2010, etc. Despite their non-vegan origins, I plan to wear these items until they fall apart, both for the sake of my wallet & out of respect for animal that suffered to make them.

3. Recycled. While I refuse to purchase new items made from non-vegan materials, I do occasionally purchase such items second hand. When buying from a thrift shop, the money no longer supports the industry that made the clothing, it now supports the cause of that shop. So, instead of funding cruelty, my thrift shop cashmere sweater pays for research in children's medicine, support for military families & veterans, & STD prevention for LGBT communities.

The faux fashion fun starts next Friday...stay tuned. :)

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