Juice Fast Friday: a Recap

Despite my attempts at an ultra-clean diet [no sugar, no soy, no gluten], I've still had my slip ups this month. Working in a restaurant with delicious vegan food [that usually contains lots of soy & gluten] doesn't help my willpower much. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have the occasional splurge on vegan comfort food, just not a daily dose. That's why I decided to re-set my system a bit. I picked up a copy of Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet for her highly positive, gluten-free, low glycemic approach to health & embarked upon a day-long juice fast.

While I didn't follow Kris' guidelines exactly, here's the rundown of my juice fast day:

9:30am - Awake. This is much later than Kris recommends, but my slumber had been interrupted during the wee morning hours as the Omnivore came home from work. After that, I'd had trouble getting back to sleep & needed the extra morning zzz's.

9:45am - Hot water with lemon & cayenne to cleanse the liver & awaken circulation replaces my normal morning tea.

10am - Oops! Not enough produce left from the previous week of recreational juicing to make breakfast. We bike to the grocery store for supplies.

11am - My trusty Hamilton Beach Juicer blends up an approximate ratio of 3 parts veggies/1 part fruit for the best ph balance. Late breakfast: 20 ounces of cucumber/kale/celery/pear juice. Not as good as my standby cucumber/kale/celery/lemon, but still tasty.

3pm - Having sipped on the results from breakfast for at least an hour, I'm just now hungry again. The hunger hits me suddenly so I quickly blend up my late lunch of a 20 oz cucumber/kale/celery/green apple juice.

4:30pm - After the Omnivore leaves for work, I start to feel the draining effects of the detox. A cat nap is in order.

5pm - My alarm wakes me to let me know it's time to get ready for a client meeting & then a burlesque show. It's hard to get up, but I eventually stop hitting the snooze button.

5:15pm - Yoga. Shower. Dress. Gather supplies. Blend up what Kris calls the Green Guru Smoothie. I know, it's technically not juice, but I'll need a little more sustenance to make it through my show. Ingredients: 1/2 cucumber, 1 avocado, 1 frozen banana, 1 handful spinach, 1 c. coconut water

7:30pm - Meeting with a health coaching client @ Ipsento coffee. No caffeine for me! I order an herbal tea & secretly sneak sips from the Green Guru in my bag.

8:30pm - Call time for Fellowship of the Boobs. I'm feeling a little loopy, but still make it through the half hour prep-time & hour long show with just a bit of froggy throat from the detox. Remember to take some vitamin C to keep my immune system up.

10pm - There's still a bit of smoothie left in the jar. I try to drink it down completely while waiting on the bus, but smoothies are much better cold. This one's starting to resemble lake sludge so I leave the last few sips at the bottom.

11pm - Home & straight to bed. Can't even keep my eyes open to read more Crazy Sexy Diet. My body's doing some heavy-duty cleansing now & I need to give it time to work while I slumber.

12:19pm - The Omnivore texts me from work to find out if I'm home from my show yet. It takes all the energy I have to reply "yep home" & immediately fall back to sleep. It's not until 1am when he arrives home & asks why I never responded that I realize I forgot to hit send.

The verdict: Juicing is easy. Detoxing is exhausting. But overall, not as hard as I thought it would be.

i am.

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