It's the End of the World as We Know It

I've never been much of a doomsday prep-er. It's just not my style. As an eternal optimist & meditation junkie, I believe that the future is what you make of long as my thoughts remain positive, my future remains bright. Nick, on the other hand, is the eternal boy scout. He may not believe that the world's really going to end, but he's determined to be prepared in case it does [check out his tongue-in-cheek zombie survival class to see what I mean]. Over the past year, Nick & I have had a few discussions about the whole Mayan calendar/December 21st topic and have come to the agreement that it's less about the end of the world & more about the end of an era.

That's why I was so excited to find today's video interview between my favorite YouTube personality, Marie Forleo, & the equally awesome Ophi Edut of AstroStyle on how the end of the Mayan calendar is really just the beginning of an exciting new age.


Don't feel like watching the whole video? Here's the cliff notes version [+ my own thoughts] on how to thrive in a post-2012 world:

1. Develop & deepen your spiritual tools. This has been a big theme in my life for the past year. Through yoga & meditation, I am slowly finding a spiritual practice that works for me. There's nothing wrong with the traditional church setting, but I personally find connecting with my spiritual side easier from the quiet of my mind. Meditation has taught me that I have all of the tools that I need within me to create the life that I desire. Which leads us to point #2... 2. Move from waiting to creating. Otherwise known as manifesting your desires, my favorite resources for information on this concept are Gabby Bernstein [who they mention in the video] & The Secret. Your thoughts control your reality & you can make magic in your life once you learn how to use them. 3. Get in touch with your body. Be healthy. Eat your veggies. Move your body. These are all things I help my clients with, but they're a big part of my own life as well. It's amazing the clarity & peace of mind you can achieve through complete & total health. 4. Discover your ability to bend time. Yeah, this one sounds a little crazy, but it's pretty similar to point #2: you can create your own existence by just altering the way you look at the world. If you truly believe that you have enough time to get things done, you'll stress less, be more productive, and it will feel like the clocks are making time just for you. 5. Join forces & resources with people. In this global community that exists on the web, it's amazing the people you can find in your corner. Connect & be respectful of everyone you interact with, you never know who can lend a helping hand down the line. 6. Spend more time being around people in-person. As an online introvert, this is the one area I struggle with, but despite my shy nature, I do make sure to schedule face time [not just FaceTime] with the people closest to me. My resolution is to take this further in 2013: unplug more often and head out into the world. Won't you join me? ♥

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