Water Week, Day 3 Recap: Inflammation Therapy

Yesterday, I fell off the wagon. Not the water week wagon, but the gluten-free wagon. You see, during a lovely morning out with friends I came face to face with this vegan deliciousness at Dollop [the coffee shop formerly known as Kickstand if you're from Chicago]...

donut w: sprinkles

And while I DID share it with my lovely boyfriend and it WAS amazingly delicious, I immediately regretted my decision when gluten decided to rear it's ugly head and drop kick me in the stomach.

Thankfully, water is a great remedy for the excess inflammation caused by food sensitivities. So, while I still didn't feel great for about half an hour, I did recover rather quickly thanks to a few extra glasses of good ole h2o.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that staying well hydrated is a way to cure yourself of any food ailments, but if you find yourself in a tough spot of discomfort after mistakenly [or, in my case, stupidly] indulging, drinking adequate amounts of water is a great way to flush out the things that your system doesn't like.

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