Thankful Thursday: Votes of Confidence

Despite the crazy emotions of the Full Moon, I have plenty to be Thankful for today:

After climbing to 4th place in the Room for Color Competition in just over 24 hours, we've now slipped slightly to 5th, but that's still plenty to be happy about. PLUS tonight our little blue room was featured by the Apartment Therapy editors as a "don't miss" entry! We just need to stay in the top 5 until Sept 27th to advance to the next if you haven't already voted, there's still time.

Other things I'm thankful for:Fringe: Season 5 on Netflix instant. Nick & I have been slowly making our way through the series  this summer & now we can finally see the end. No spoilers, please! ♥ Attending a dear college friend's wedding last weekend where the groom wore eyeliner, the bride wore black, & they served several flavors of VEGAN WEDDING CAKE!Argo Tea's Pumpkin Chai Lattewriting at bars & coffee shops ♥ Phone dates with friends ♥ So Delicious coconut yogurt [I'm all about the probiotics, baby.] ♥ new blue bedsheets ♥ My lovely Lady Date with Diva LaVidalady dates in real lifekale chipsspending rainy days with Sterling Cooper Draper Price ♥ kitty cuddles ♥ & YOU!

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