Relish Tray: Native Food's Gluten-Free Mac & Trees

relish: verb. to delight in something that satisfies one’s tastes, inclinations, or desires.

Today, after having my #KaleEveryDamnDay serving at work, I headed over to Native Foods Cafe to treat myself to some mac & cheese. Or, in this case, mac & [broccoli] trees.

While The Chicago Diner has delicious mac & teese, it's neither gluten-free nor soy-free & since I'm doing my best to avoid both, Native Foods was the perfect solution. This quinoa pasta with soy-free vegan cheese was exactly the comfort food I needed after this very long week.

The broccoli was, of course, an added can never have too many greens.

And to answer your question, yes, I totally ordered this off of the kid's menu. :)

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