#ServiceSunday: Alanis | Gala Darling | Kathryn Budig

#ServiceSunday: Alanis | Gala Darling | Kathryn Budig

The Manifestation of #ServiceSunday: I think every healer/teacher/coach of any kind dreams of one day giving back to someone who's inspired them. Anytime I've read about a public figure I adore being into Reiki, I've quietly thought to myself "maybe someday..." Well, I've decided that someday is NOW. I have the rare advantage of being able to offer my services from a distance at any time of day, so I figured "why not send a little Reiki love to those I admire?" 

In these blog posts, you'll find a recap of my most recent #ServiceSunday recipients from Instagram as well as a reading of what their energy that evening told me. Enjoy!

Michelle Shea Walker

Sunday, August 16th 2015 - Alanis Morissette 

From my original Instagram post: 

Today, my distance reiki recipient (should she energetically choose to accept it 😉) is @alanis. Her #supersoulsunday episode aired for the first time the morning I began my reiki training so she'll always be linked to that part of my path in my mind. 

Beyond that, I'm consistently inspired by both her music and her mission to spread #spiritual and #psychological awareness to the world. If it weren't for Alanis, I might not have discovered the works of #HarvilleHendrix and #PiaMellody both of which have catapulted me to a whole new level of #codependent #healing

So, Alanis, if you ever happen to see this, THANK YOU! Please continue to spread your light! I'll be sending out some delicious reiki goodness at 1:11pm PDT. Enjoy. <3

Alanis' energy reading: 

Lovely, @alanis, here are some insights into your current energy based on the half hour I've spent "with" you: I'm guessing you either have a slight cold or there's an energetic drainage of some kind going on in the left side of your throat. Even if the first is true, I believe it could be a result of the second. Since the left side of the body is the feminine energy, my advice to you is to allow yourself to express your emotions more right now. There was a bit of an energy pull towards your forehead which is often a sign of overthinking what you're about to say...don't, there's currently no need to! Your heart chakra is BEAUTIFULLY balanced already so don't be afraid to speak from your heart and stop editing from your brain. Because of an energy connection between your shoulders and your solar plexus, I have an intuition that you might be feeling a bit burdened by your own power in some way. The best remedy for this comes from a calling out in you left sacral chakra: SELF CARE! Show yourself some Love for a bit and that burdened feeling just might melt away. If you'd ever like further insights into your energy or more Reiki Love, please feel free to contact me at michellesheawalker@gmail.com. But I hope you're enjoying that reiki high either way! 💗

Sunday, August 23rd 2015 - Gala Darling

From my original Instagram post: 

This week, I'm sending out some #reiki love to @galadarling. After years of following her blog from its former fun #fashion fluffiness to its current self-love sanctuary status, it was fabulous to meet her in person at #SpiritJunkieMasterClass. As a #metaphysical babe herself, I'm sure she's open to a little energetic alignment.

So Gala, I'll be sending a little distance reiki your way at 11:11 EST tonight! Enjoy and feel free to check back after to find out what your energy told me. <3

Gala's energy reading: 

Ok lovely @galadarling, I hope you caught some of those relaxing reiki vibes! Here's what your energy this evening is telling me: your meditation practice has really served you well because you're definitely having a bit of a third eye awakening right now! You might find that you're feeling a bit more intuitive and sure of your choices as of late, keep up your practice to increase this ability tenfold. So while your third eye is rocking, you're in need of a little TLC for your throat chakra, specifically the left side...a sign that you need to express your emotions more now. Whether that means finding a trusted friend or journaling it out, your energy is majorly craving an emotional release. I also felt very minor but sharp indications that you're currently dealing with something that's bringing up past issues in your second (emotional), third (power), and fourth (heart) chakras. That means that something in your present is reminding you of a situation from your past in which you achieved much healing in these areas, but there's still one last hurdle to hop over before you can fully put it behind you. Thankfully, the rest of your energy has already given you the prescription of balance in this area: speak your emotions more and keep meditating. You're on the right track, beautiful! Keep it up!

Sunday, August 30th 2015 - Kathryn Budig

From my original Instagram post: 

Tonight I'm sending #ReikiLove to #yogi #author#inspiration @kathrynbudig. <3

Kathryn's @gaiam #AimTrue DVD is the entire reason I became a #yogateacher. For the first time, I recognized that yoga could become a part of a person's #brand. And I don't mean that in a cynical business way either...I was fully inspired by the way Kathryn took a centuries old practice and made it her own. She personalized it to her own mythology which made the message that much more #authentic and amazing. 

I thought, "I want to do THAT." ...and now I do. ✨

So Kathryn, if you happen to see this, thank you for inspiring me to not only follow my passion but to do it in my own authentic way. If it's available to you to sit back and enjoy some #reiki vibes at 11:11 EDT tonight, enjoy. If not, no worries, the reiki will still be doing it's lovely healing work. Feel free to check back later to find out what your energy for the evening told me. 💗

Kathryn's energy reading: 

Amazing @kathrynbudig, here's a little reiki reading of your energy tonight: You've definitely got that Gemini shoulder neediness going on. Specifically, your left shoulder was calling out for some healing tonight. Because the left side of the body is the feminine energy, this is a sign that you're feeling a bit burdened by a female energy in your life. This could be a friend or family member, but it's most likely yourself. Based on a calling out for energy in the left side of your throat, you're also in need of an emotional vent session right now. Grab a trusted friend and a drink some evening soon and just let it all pour out of you. You'll feel better. Based on a call for energy in your second chakra, the pleasure center, I would venture to guess that maybe it's been a little too much work lately and not enough play. Remember your #ismilebecauseiplay hashtag? Perhaps it's a good time to bring that back (plus, I know I'd enjoy it 😊). The good news overall is that once find a little more grounding, all other energetic needs will fall into place. Your feet took quite a bit of reiki but once they were treated everything else seemed to balance much more quickly. Take some time for meditation and other grounding practices first, then allow yourself to partake in a little self-indulgent fun. You've earned it! If you'd like to hear more about your energy or if you ever need a little reiki love for that shoulder again, feel free to visit me at www.michellesheawalker.com/reiki or shoot me a message to michellesheawalker@gmail.com. It was an honor to spend a few minutes with your powerful energy! Take care of yourself! 💗

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