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Scorpio Midheaven: Human Contact

Scorpio Midheaven: Human Contact


I once had a palm reader tell me that I didn't get enough hugs and kisses as a child. 

This statement offended my mother at the time. She insisted that I had been given plenty of love and attention as a child. However, in retrospect I've realized that my palm reader might not have been entirely incorrect.

While my mother may have done her best, the first few months of my existence were in fact decidedly lacking in hugs and kisses...or any truly consistent human contact at all.

Born three months premature, I experienced the first ten weeks of my life from the inside of an incubator in the hospital's ICU. Attachment parenting had yet to become a trend and while there was some contact during daily visits, any actual heartbeat to heartbeat bonding with mom and dad was restricted to 5 minutes, once a week...while the isolette was being cleaned.

So as it is with most of us, the thing that was found lacking in my earliest of developmental stages became my adult obsession. Good or bad, I'm constantly contemplating (and often craving) physical connection.

But here's where things get tricky... 

Perhaps as a result of an underdeveloped nervous system (an affliction that some stipulate premature babies suffer from), I am what is considered a highly sensitive temperament. I tend to pick up on the energy and emotions of those around me, sometimes without even realizing it. Often referred to as being an empath, my susceptibility to this phenomenon is increased tenfold when I come into physical contact with someone.

With one hug, my body can register all of the stress of someone's day, often without realizing it's not my own emotions. Needless to say, this trait tends to make me pretty selective of who I share my body with.

In contrast, as a reiki healer, I have also seen first hand just how healing touch can be. When practiced with intention, I believe that human contact can be used to positively shift anyone's well being, no reiki attunement required.

This healing power can be particularly true within the realms of sexual contact. After all, it is within our most intimate relationships that our wounds are made and within those same connections that they heal. Intimate physical connection has the capacity to raise or lower your vibration depending on the level of each person meeting.

The problem is, we often aren't fully aware of the energy that we bring into these scenarios. We know that we want to give physical pleasure, but often we tend to see things from a purely mechanical point of view rather than a vibrational one. We can even use sex as a bandaid, a temporary distraction from our own emotional wounds (rather than the healing balm it could be).

As an empath, I can tell you that wounds left untreated just get further infected and even the most flawless sexual technique can't make up for the crash left after an encounter with lower energy vibrations.

I say this not to attack those less then mindful of their energy, but to increase our own individual mindfulness around the energy we bring into these scenarios.

It's nearly impossible for light and dark to exist within the same space. Therefore, the more you become mindful of connecting to others in a positive and healing way, the more you'll attract that same type of mindfulness into your experience.

Take the power of your touch seriously, it can either be a weapon of mass destruction or a magic wand, it all depends on how much you've cleaned up your side of the street.

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