1:1 Divination Session [Tarot/Reiki/Akashic]
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Scorpio Midheaven: Throat Chakra Clearing

Scorpio Midheaven: Throat Chakra Clearing


Perhaps you've noticed I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. 

Blame it on an inconveniently timed eye infection or my busier than usual schedule, but it's been harder than normal to find time to sit down and be fully inspired to write....and I WANT to be inspired for you.

This blog for me is like great sex: I'm either all in, mind, body, heart, and soul...or it's simply not worth getting naked.  

As the sun entered into the sign of my midheaven last month, I felt a familiar tug to explore my fears, to examine my shadow side, and to conquor the demons that are holding me back from my fullest potential. Orginally I had planned to spare you, dear reader, from this process, to leave the mess behind the scenes where it belongs and hand deliver a polished, pre-examined product of sexual psychological perfection each week. But, as is often the case, the Universe had other plans. 

Because here's the thing about Scorpio Midheaven: it's not just about sex.

This life purpose calling forth from my soul is about embracing all things metaphysical, magical, and often logically inexplicable. So when the inspiration for topics flows into me like water, it still takes time and careful wording to explain the incomprehensible.

This post is an attempt to clear that energy, to release the blockage of fear that's been lodged in my throat chakra for weeks, preventing me from writing freely. It's a fear that's been passed down from generation to generation, taught in schools and churches throughout my life, and socialized into my existance for decades: the fear of speaking up in a way that not everyone will understand. 

But I promise I'm doing everything in my power to prepare myself for that challenge. 

Thanks for sticking around, there's so much more to come.

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