Brands Worthy of ❤︎

There's a lot of hype out there. That's why when I discover a product I genuinely love, I get a little excited about it.
Occasionally I'll get so excited about a particular brand that I contact them to see if there is any way I can help out.
Below you'll find a collection of brands that I love. Some of them I'm affiliated with, some of them I have no connection with whatsoever, but still think you should hear about their high-vibe, amazing products. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



I'm a fan of good, consensual sex, but I'm not a fan of hormonal birth control. I'd been tracking my cycle for several years when Natural Cycles came out & I can tell you, this app makes a world of difference. It's an annual subscription service that includes a basal thermometer to track your body temperature which helps find your ovulation each month. My favorite part: the app messages you facts about the different stages of your cycle so you learn as you track.

Moon Juice

Yes, they've gotten a bit of flack since the world caught wind of Gwyneth Paltrow's $200 "smoothie" (spoiler alert: it's not actually $200), but I personally love the Moon Juice Moon Dust varieties for their stress-busting adaptogens and highly potent Chinese herbs. My favorite dusts are Spirit, Beauty, and Sex, but I like to keep a few Dream sachets on hand for the occasional sleepless night. Watch my video review of all the dust varieties here.

Rosie Rees/Yoni Pleasure Palace

Self-pleasure is amazing for your sacral chakra (passion, pleasure, & creativity). While traditional vibrators are fast & fun if the occasion calls for a quickie, there's something to be said for the subtle energy vibrations of crystal self-love products. There are lots of varieties on the market, but I'm partial to the moon-charged, made-with-love wands from Rosie Rees. Try rose quartz for self-love, obsidian for a karmic cleanse, and clear quartz for healing.


I love essential oils, but traveling around with bottles filled with expensive liquid isn't always the best idea. That's just one of the reasons why I'm obsessed with Monq Personal Essential Oil Diffusers. That, and I love anything that's healthy but looks a little naughty. Zen & Sexy are my faves.

Violet Love Headbands

I was introduced to Violet Love Headbands when I was lucky enough to win a sample pack of their products at Spirit Junkie Master Class. I fell in love with their versatile headbands in colorful patterns. I often have one wrapped around my wrist in case of a yoga hair-mergency. 

Goddess Provisions

From the creators of Vegan Cuts, the Goddess Provisions box is the perfect mix of cruelty-free, new age, and girly. Carefully curated by owner Jill Pyle, boxes include everything from essential oils and crystals to vegan makeup, snacks, and  accessories. One box even contained my sacral chakra kit.