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A Taste of Veganism

A Taste of Veganism


Last week, the Omnivore and I attended the Taste of Chicago.  Truth be told, I was excited. Really excited.  The idea of scavenging for vegan items in a festival known for hot dogs and turkey legs was a challenge I was more than happy to accept.  It required a tiny bit of vendor research before the event, but for the most part, the selection was intuitive...& delicious: The Loving Hut's Home Run Ball

While I've heard a lot about The Loving Hut over the years, I had yet to try any of their Asian-inspired cuisine. Eager to remedy this, it was my first stop on our tour de Taste.  After a few moments of deliberation, I settled on their taste portion of the home run ball - fried TVP [textured vegetable protein] covered in a spicy sweet sauce.  While not really a 'ball,' the taste and texture reminded me a bit of General Tso's chicken. Not bad at all.

Alhambra Palace's Falafel with Hummus

This was amazing! Granted, I love falafels so it doesn't take much to please me in this department, but even the pita and hummus were totally satisfying.  The Omnivore sat right next to me devouring a [not so vegan] chocolate covered banana and temptation never struck thanks to this tasty medley.

The Abbey's Corn on the Cob

I know, I know, there's nothing special about this typical fair-food selection, but The Abbey gets special mention for making sure my cob wasn't soaked in butter. Nick's reaction to the taste: "That's so good! Why does everyone automatically put butter on it?" Why indeed.

Iyanze's Bissop Sorbet

After passing up a multitude of Italian ice selections on the way, I was actually quite disappointed by this sorbet.  Granted, I wasn't sure what kind of taste this purple ice would produce, but I found the flavor a bit too subtle [apparently it was hibiscus].  However, Iyanze gets bonus points for checking my preference before dousing the dessert with whipped cream.

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