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Manifesting: It's Not Just for Fairytales.

Manifesting: It's Not Just for Fairytales.

Do you believe in fairytales? I do. Only the fairytales of my life today are not the same stories of my youth. Rather, the fairytales I believe in now are the ones I cultivate within my own world every single day. There's no need for a knight in shining armor because I've found my inner love. There's no hoping for a fairy godmother because I possess the power to grant my every wish. That's Manifesting. 

That being said, I still love to refer back to the traditional fairytales of my youth to assist in explaining the valuable life lessons I've learned from my spiritual practice. They may not be the metaphors intended by the original author, but they're still pretty magical. In fact, one of my most recent vlog posts discusses the powerful lessons we can learn about Manifesting from the witches of The Wizard of Oz. Check it out:

Now I want to hear from you: When was the last time you changed your thoughts from negative to positive, only to receive an even better outcome than you were hoping for?

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#ServiceSunday: Alanis | Gala Darling | Kathryn Budig

#ServiceSunday: Alanis | Gala Darling | Kathryn Budig

Happy National Meditation Month!