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circle headshotMy name is Michelle Shea Walker. I’m an AADP certified holistic health coach & 200-hour certified yoga instructor, but I prefer to call myself a happiness enabler. Five years ago, my life looked quite different than it does today: my healthy glow was shrouded in constant acne, my energy levels were easily depleted, I became emotional at the drop of a hat, and my favorite snack was BBQ potato chip & Miracle Whip sandwiches. It wasn’t until I switched to a healthier diet & started subtly shifting my lifestyle habits that I discovered clearer skin, amazing energy, & effortlessly sustainable happiness.

Looking back, the changes I made were so simple, I just didn’t know which direction to turn first. That’s why I’m so happy to act as a guide for others who are unsure of what steps to take to improve their lives. Everyone’s path to health & well-being is slightly different, but together, we can create the road map to your individual happiness haven.

Ready to get started? Read all about the Health is Beauty program below & contact me at to schedule your free discovery session or for additional info & payment options.

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The Health is Beauty Three-Month Program: A carefully crafted 12-week program of subtle lifestyle shifts, the Health is Beauty program offers a unique opportunity to change not only your physical health & energy, but also your mental well-being and overall happiness. Over the course of our three months together, you’ll tap into your own unique routine & unlock that inner glow that not even the best bronzer can duplicate.

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Your Health is Beauty Program includes:

  • One free Discovery Session. This session will be the first to kick off your program. It’s a chance for us to get to know one another and set some goals before getting down to business.
  • A healthy homework email sent straight to your inbox every Monday. This correspondence will cover your diet & lifestyle shifts for the week, easy suggestions to integrate them into your routine, & any helpful videos or links that might inspire you along your journey.
  • Weekly one-on-one Releasing Sessions via phone, Skype, or in person. These sessions are catered to your individual needs, but the majority of clients find it helpful to use them as a time to ask questions about the weekly assignment & vent any pent up emotions about their everyday life. Oftentimes, we do damage to our physical bodies by holding on to emotional stress. These sessions are your opportunity to release the emotions that are holding you back & shift your focus to the things you are grateful for during our three month process. You’ll find that as the weeks go by, your lists of gratitudes will far outweigh your list of grievances.
  • Email support throughout the program. Forget to ask a question during your Releasing Session? I’m here for you via email 24 hours a day & will usually respond within that same day.
  • Free gifts & giveaways! For further support on your happiness voyage, I offer occasional presents, hand-selected for your individual wellness needs.
  • Optional: Private yoga sessions. Want to start or even deepen your current yoga practice? Chicago clients can request private yoga sessions at a special discounted price to further round out their wellness development.

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