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2018 Zodiac Tarotscopes

Each 2018 Zodiac Tarotscope Includes:

  • a 13-card spread: 1 card to represent each month of the upcoming calendar year & a 13th card to convey the theme and lessons held within those 12 months

  • a 5-8 sentence description of the energy & message of each card as it relates to your personal zodiac sign

  • your 2018 astrological mantra, chosen specifically for your sign to inspire confidence throughout the year

  • a magical image of your spread infused with good vibes from The Wild Unknown Tarot deck

    2018 Zodiac Tarotscopes - $11.11


Online Tarot Readings

Ask a question & allow the cards to lead you to your answer. With options for 1, 3, 5, 10, or 13-card readings, online tarot readings are a great way to find a burst of clarity around your current circumstance & channel your energy in the proper direction. You can choose your deck or let Michelle intuitively choose one for you.

Within one week of your order, you'll receive an email with:

  • a beautiful image of your cards

  • a written interpretation of each card’s meaning

  • the overall energy & advice summary for your question


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Chakra Balancing Kits

Chakras are energy centers thought to be responsible for balancing your spiritual, physical, & emotional well being. Ancient traditions have used chanting, meditation, and yoga for balance and these digital kits give those old options a modern spin.

Each digital chakra balancing kit includes:

  • an intermediate/advanced yoga video focused on the body parts connected to your chosen chakra

  • an audio meditation file to listen at your convenience

  • an informative handout on the chakra at hand

  • access to an online form to ask your chakra questions