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Scorpio Midheaven: An Introduction

Scorpio Midheaven: An Introduction


As I lay there, belly up to the ceiling, naked, and gasping for air, I felt wave after wave of pleasure send jolts of energy up my spine.

While this may sound like the result of a typical (or perhaps above average) tryst in a 30-something single girl's life, this time it wasn't a bed that I found myself in, nor was this the end of a fantastic date. Rather, this experience occurred (ahem, multiple times) within the small confines of a sensory deprivation tank, hands at my sides, floating in salt water...totally alone. 

While this was my first experience with what I had intended to be the deeply meditative practice of floating (I'd gone in hoping for visions and ended up with a few bonuses), this wasn't my first experience with the orgasmic effects of my own energy. I had come to realize throughout the years that, when at rest, I often have sexuality seeping from my pores. 

All practical logic aside, this reaction made perfect sense.

You see, before my float I had set an intention: to be shown (by the Universe, guides, angels, God, whatever you want to believe in) a hint of what my next turn on this crazy journey we call life would be. And while multiple orgasms may not seem like an answer to the outside observer, it was really just the loudest air horn in a series of sex-positive messages the Universe had been throwing my way for quite some time. 

Like most great life realizations, this one had started to trickle in a few weeks earlier...during an astrology chart reading. It was early August and I'd set up a meeting with my astrologer friend Colin to get a little cosmic roadmap of what to expect from the upcoming solar eclipse. I'd gone into the experience excited to hear what he had to say, but also feeling a bit smug about my own astro-knowledge. While I'd never actually studied astrology, I'd dabbled enough throughout the years that I felt I had a handle on the major cosmic markers of my own chart.

That is, until Colin said, "So let's talk about your Midheaven in Scorpio..."

"My what?" I stopped him, so surprised that there was an astrology term I'd never even heard of.

"Your Midheaven," He continued, "It's the point in your chart that determines the energy of your life's purpose here on Earth."

You could have heard a pin drop in my apartment, so intent was my entire being on hanging on his every word after that statement.

And as with most cosmic/psychic/intuitive readings, nothing was revealed to me that I did not already know...and yet everything changed.

As Colin began to explain that I was already following my Scorpio-inspired life theme by sharing esoteric and metaphysical truths with the world via my tarot card readings, new age-style yoga classes, and energy healing, I nodded silently to the phone in agreement. He then continued on to reveal that I also have a divine purpose to share my unique spiritual understanding of sexuality with the world.

That's when my jaw dropped to the floor.

With that one statement, it's as if he'd reached into the deepest creative reservoirs of my mind and pulled out the one thing my soul had been calling out for, but my fears had been hiding:

My purpose on this planet is to present thoughtful, spiritually aligned conversations about sex to the world.

Not just in private corners and in hushed whispers, but in big bold type, with the same candor that I currently reserved for conversations with my closest friends.

It was scary and exciting, and as usual, nothing I didn't know...but it was about to change everything. 

It's telling that in the weeks that followed my reading with Colin, any girlfriend I shared this story with had the same reaction: "Of course that's your life's purpose! You talk about sex all of the time in such a beautiful and mature way, why wouldn't you share that with the world?"

So welcome, dear readers, to the fulfillment of my midheaven. This blog selection, lovingly titled after the astrological marker that inspired it, will be my weekly message cast out into the seas of self-acceptance in hopes that it will help you to better understand the waves of energy waiting to spill out from your own soul.

It is here that I plan to share my personal message and highest belief with the world in as many ways as I can:

Your Sexuality is the Key to Your Spiritual Awakening. 

I can't promise that it won't sometimes be uncomfortable, but I can promise that I will do my best to provide comfort in your discomfort. 

So leave your shame at the door, let's get spiritually naked together. 


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